2019 Vacation Destination?

Where is your 2019 vacation destination?  There are many hot spots, according to the web.  I saw, in my research, places like the Grand Canyon, Costa Rica, New Orleans.  All the places I saw being suggested looked great, but where do you want to go?  What do you call a getaway?

Tropical scenePersonally, I like warm beaches where I can lie around in my tan through swimwear.  What could be more relaxing than the wind and waves and sunshine?  A lounge chair and a good pair of sunglasses is all that it takes to make me comfortable and drowsy.

Many people like hiking and camping.  I like to do these things, usually as long as I can also employ my tan through bikinis.  I'm definitely not a cold weather outdoors person.  That is reserved for crazy people.  During warm weather, I like tramping around in the woods or walking beside a river or lake.  Climbing on rocks is fun for me.  

Still others (craziest-of-them-all folks) like snow skiing.  They like the crisp, cold air and the bright, crunchy snow.  I would freeze to death in my string bikini on the slopes.  Besides, I would look silly in a swimsuit and a body cast.

Whatever your preferred destination and idea of a relaxing getaway, choose one a do it!  Life is too short to not!

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