Back To The Basics

Overwhelmed by the swimwear choices and styles these days?  Do some of them make you scratch your head?  Me, too!  I look at swimwear ads and swimwear blogs and basic articles about swimwear and sometimes I just don't understand what's going on in the fashion world.  Sure, some of the bikinis look cool.  In fact, some are downright fantastic aesthetically.  Some of the one piece swimsuits have so many attachments and straps that I would be afraid of getting tangled in it like a fishing net.  I don't know about you, but I want to at least be able to wear the swimming suit into the water.

Tan through string bikini top and bottom--ET7147 and EP7747--in orange Heat print.Tan through traditional tank swimwear from Lifestyles Direct--EB0226--purple Carnival.So, what are our real choices?  How about the basics?  The basic tank swimsuit that is flattering to almost every figure is a good choice.  Need some extra support in the bust?  Get a tank swimsuit with a cup or underwire incorporated.  

The string bikini is another example of a classic style that never dies.  It's simple, sexy, and, like the basic tank swimsuit, flatters most figures.  It is very adjustable and is simple in its construction, so there is no hardware to fall off or come unsewn.

A nice halter top bikini or tankini is simple and provides a very flattering look as well.  The straps tie at the neck so you can adjust them to your body while providing a great look for most women.  Also, there are only two straps per bikini top so you probably won't get tangled in them like some of the strappy swimsuits these days.  Whew!  

We seem to be spoiled for choices.  The simplest swimsuits are usually the best sellers and the most loved.  Let's get back to the basics and worry about more important things like what to have for lunch.

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