Comfort and Style

Comfort or style?  That is the quandary in which I find myself constantly.  I usually choose comfort, especially as I grow older.  The old these-shoes-look-great-but-I-can't-wait-to-get-them-off-my-poor,-pained-feet phase of my life is long over.  In fact, it became history about the time I left college, which was a loooong time ago.  I have since opted for comfort.  This applies to everything from shoes to swimwear. 

I no longer (or very seldom) wear uncomfortable heels and dress shoes.  I opt for flip flops or sandals in the summertime and sneakers in the winter. In fact, I am barefoot most of the time.  Shoes are only worn if I am going out.  It really saves on shoe expense!

Tan through string bikini with matching sarongWhen I was young, I wore only one piece swimsuits.  I was extremely self-conscious and wouldn't be caught dead in a two piece bathing suit.  As I age, I have come to prefer a bikini for the convenience and comfort.  Underwire styles don't fit me well so I opt for a string top or maybe a halter top.  Since I work for Lifestyles Direct, I only wear the tan through bikinis now, of course.  I get the same great comfort with added benefits of light, quick drying fabric plus a great tan!

There is a style that gives comfort and the sleek, stylish look of one piece swimwear.  It is the structured top crisscross adjustable strap swimsuit from Lifestyles Direct.  It feels like you're wearing a big hug!  The straps allow for a long or short torso and the structured cups have lots of room for a larger bust.  You get the room without the underwires!

Get your comfort--and style--at Lifestyles Direct Tan Through Swimwear!  You won't regret it!  You can find women's swimwear styles from a simple traditional tank to a fully structured underwire support bathing suit.  If you like a two piece option, we have sexy string bikinis, , or styles in between.  Men can find tan through racers and bike shorts as well.  


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