Exercise Your Way Into a New Body!

There are few of us that love to exercise.  That's just the way it is.  This fact does not mean that we shouldn't exercise, though.  Most of the things that are good for us are in some ways unpleasant.  We take care of our families, clean our houses, go to our jobs.  All of these things have a good outcome, but they mean work.  Exercise is work, but is necessary for a healthy body.  A healthy body makes us feel better and look better.  Looking better is what all of us want, if only a little.  What do you like to do that gets you out of the house and moving?

Some of us like to do resistance training.  This gives us nice, toned muscles and strong bones.  It also gives us nice curves that make us look better in our clothing (and without our clothing).  Long, lean muscles are attractive and necessary to prevent injury when we do our favorite activities like swimming and playing with our kids.  Strong muscles also help us when we do our house and yard work.  It's no fun feeling sore and stiff after a weekend of yard cleanup.  Prevent a lot of it by staying strong all year round.

Many people prefer cardio exercise.  Examples include running, cycling, dancing.  These types of activities help to burn a lot of calories and help to remove our soft middles.  It also develops a healthy, strong heart which is necessary if you want general well-being.

Still others, like me, opt for a combo of the two styles.  HIIT (high intensity interval training), boot camp, or Tabata style workouts give you a good balance and build a strong, lean body with a strong heart and high capacity lungs. This leaves you with the ability to tackle almost any task with ease and confidence.  

In the end, we just want to look and feel good.  We want to put on our favorite swimsuit in the summer or show up at Christmas dinner and be the envy of the party!  So, figure out what activities you like to do (or tolerate the best) and get in shape.  When you do, you will be anxious to get new outfits.  Don't forget to replace your swimwear that is too big now.  Visit Lifestyles Direct Tan Through Swimwear to choose a flattering new tan through bikini or one piece tan through swimsuit.

Need help choosing?  Drop us a line!

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