Happy Thanksgiving, Tan Through Swimsuit Lovers!

Most of us look forward to the coming Thanksgiving holiday.  We love getting together with family that we don't see often.  We eat a huge feast that seems to kick off a feeding frenzy for the upcoming month.  Some of us, however, are looking forward to a yearly winter vacation. Where do they head?

Some make it simple and head to Florida.  They are thankful to be on a warm beach in Miami or Key West.  It sure beats braving the cold for a trip to the local department stores for Christmas shopping.  They have Walmart locations in Florida, right?  Why not think about your loved ones' gifts while relaxing in a bikini beside a pool?  Sounds fine to me!

Others head to the Caribbean.  This is a great choice as most places are inexpensive to reach.  The temps are warm, the atmosphere is relaxed, and the threat of hurricanes has passed, leaving a very inviting place to be.  Grad a mojito and enjoy your shopping!

The boldest of us will head to the southern hemisphere!  Rio, Down Under, or Panama, it doesn't matter, just so the cold is far, far away!  I would like to be in this group.  I hate the cold.  It makes me not want to go outside at all.  I don't get my needed vitamin D or fresh air.  I have spent a little time in Panama and Colombia and I could get used to that on a regular basis....like every winter!  I enjoy being able to strip down to my swimsuit (tan through, of course) and soak up the sun's rays or just lounge on a boat deck.  Even going shopping is a breeze there.  You don your shorts and flip flops and away you go.

No matter where you spend your winter, we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and Christmas season!  If you are one of the cold weather escapees don't forget your swimwear for the trip!  Here at Lifestyles Direct, we have a full line of tan through swimwear that will fit your style and budget.  From one piece bathing suits for women to racer briefs for men, we've got you covered!

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