Holiday Trips and Tan Through Swimwear...

It's never too early to prepare for your holiday season getaway! You may be looking to head to the tropics during the Christmas season.  Wouldn't you want to have new swimsuits to wear on your excursions?  We can help you with excellent tan through swimwear choices!

Tan through crisscross structured cup tank swimsuit from Lifestyles Direct.If you like a modest one piece swimsuit that covers what you want covered and gives you the look and feel that you like, we have several body styles from which to choose.  If you like simple at its finest, you may go for a traditional tank.  No muss, no fuss, right?  If you like simple, but need a little support, you may choose a structured top tank with lots of bust room and loads of comfort.  Active swimmer?  We have you covered there as well with a couple choices:  an unstructured crisscross strap tank and a structured cup crisscross strap tank swimsuit.  Each gives you straps that stay put with adjustment to get that snug, body glove fit that swimmers desire and need.  If you like a full support cup, we offer two styles with underwire support cups, one with C-D size cups and one with A-C size underwire cups with adjustable straps.

Do you look for more freedom in your swimwear?  Go with a tan through bikini.  We boast several styles ranging from the ever-popular string bikini to a full structure underwire top and full coverage bottom.  If you need to buy your bikini with a little flexibility in sizing and/or style, go the separates route.  We have four bikini top styles and four bikini bottom styles.  Mix and match the styles and sizes, whatever you need!

Men, I haven't forgotten about you!  We have three men's swimwear styles:  a nine inch bike short, a 3" racer, and a 1-inch racer.  All are popular with swimmers, divers, and relaxers.  The quick-drying fabric makes them a plus for divers since they are used to being in and out of the water all day and hate a perpetually wet swimsuit.  Our swimwear is only wet when you want it to be!

If you have questions concerning your new tan through swimwear for your holiday getaway, just let us know and our customer service folks will be happy to help in any way possible.  We always love to hear comments and suggestions about new swimwear styles and possible improvements on our existing styles.  You can contact us via our website or via telephone at 417-293-5081.

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