Homemade Greek Yogurt

Every once in a while I like to write about food that I enjoy.  Today I'm thinking about Greek yogurt.  I have recently started making my own at home in my Instant Pot.  It's easy and turns out awesome Greek yogurt!

One of the things that I love about Greek yogurt is the high protein content.  It has roughly double the protein of regular yogurt and tons less sugar.  In fact, I was staying in a hotel in L. A. recently and the kitchen served yogurt as a choice at breakfast.  I love yogurt so I decided to have one.  I couldn't eat it!  It was soooo sweet compared to the Greek variety.

Making my own yogurt at home lets me get high quality product without "mystery ingredients."  I know everything that goes into my homemade kind so I know how healthy it is for me.  I can pronounce the names of all the stuff that goes into it!

Another thing I love about having my own yogurt is the fact that I can decide when I'm eating it what flavor I want.  Before I started making my own, I remember standing in front of the refrigerator looking at the available choices and thinking, "I don't feel like any of those flavors."  Now, I leave my yogurt plain until I eat it so I can satisfy that specific hankering!  My favorite flavoring right now is crushed pineapple.  Yum!  My favorites change, so the only quandary now is having on hand all the flavorings that I might want...

Another great benefit of making my own is that it helps with my weight loss.  The flavorings that I add to my yogurt has very little sugar and thus adds very few calories to it.  I can have a high protein snack any time without worries that it will hinder my march to fitting back into my bikinis.

The cost savings is tremendous!  A five ounce container of Greek yogurt is usually around a dollar.  From a gallon of whole milk, I get half a gallon or more (depending on desired thickness) of awesome yogurt.  A gallon of whole milk here costs about $2.50.  That's sixty four ounces for $2.50!  How can you beat that?

I realize that Greek yogurt has little to do with tan through swimwear, except for the fact that it can help you fit into that tank swimsuit a little easier.  Sometimes it's nice to talk about different things and maybe help someone in the process.

If you have any questions about yogurt or swimsuits, just drop us a line or give us a ring at 417-293-5081.

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