How Do I Tan Thru My Swimsuit?

So, you can tan thru your swimsuit here at Lifestyles Direct.  Does that seem odd to you?  Ever wonder how that's possible?  Today the secret is revealed!

Sun throughThe unique fabric used to make tan through swimwear is a simple, yet ingenious, concept.  The fabric allows more than the usual amount of sunlight through the swimsuit to reach your skin underneath it.  The fabric used to make Lifestyles Direct Tan Through Swimwear is a micro-mesh that has tiny pores that allow the sun's rays to pass through so you can sun tan right through your bikini.  When the fabric is stretched, the pores are opened, allowing more sunlight to pass through.  For this reason, tan through bathing suits should fit snugly for optimum tanning.

The above process is a passive one and is accomplished just by wearing the tan through swimsuit in the sun.  For many wearers, this is enough for them.  Many are seeking the benefits of the sun's rays underneath their clothing.  Psoriasis sufferers make up one group that simply want more sun on their skin for the photo-therapeutic effects on their psoriatic plaques.  However, to achieve an all-over, seamless tan, you need to be a little more aggressive and conscientious.  Naturally, the thicker areas of the swimsuit, like the seams and straps, will provide a higher SPF than the areas of the swimsuit that is comprised of only a single layer of fabric.  For this reason, the straps and seams need to be moved periodically to allow the sunlight to pass over all areas of your skin underneath your tan through swimwear.  This allows the tanning process to be more even, resulting in a better tan overall.

The angle and strength of the sun is a major factor in the speed at which your skin tans underneath your swimwear.  For example, if you lie in the sun at noon in July, you will get a faster and more intense tanning experience than if you are in the sun in January at 4 pm.  You will need to keep this in mind when choosing your tanning area.  Turn your chair or blanket accordingly to get the most direct sunlight if you want your tanning process to be quicker.  If a more gradual process is desired, adjust accordingly.

Occasionally, we have customers whose expectations are unrealistic.  Our swimwear will not provide a perfect tan the first time it is worn.  The process takes time and a little effort.  It is not a magical process.  Lifestyles Direct provides swimwear that works, but not in an unrealistic way.  To match the SPF of the swimsuit itself, you will need to use a sunscreen.  The swimwear provides anywhere from 5 to 10 SPF, so all uncovered skin will need a lotion to match.  This may need adjustment based on the intensity of the sun and/or your skin's ability to tan.

We are always happy to help our customers with any questions or concerns about our swimwear.  We can help you with any problems you may be having with your tanning process.  Give us a call 417-293-5081 or write us a note and we will do our best to help.


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