I Dream of Summer!

Warmer weather has finally arrived!  Spring is definitely in the air and thoughts of summertime bliss come easily.  What do you think of when you think of summer?

The first things I look forward to you every year is the losing of the heavy clothes and gaining of my tank tops and flip flops.  I hate socks and shoes and regular shirts.  Having bare shoulders just feels better and freer.  

Another pleasant thought that comes to me is, of course, my tan through swimwear.  The quick drying fabric of my bikini swimsuit and the bright colors make it feel more like summer.  If I ever have to go back to conventional swimwear, I really don't know what I will do.

Unfortunately, I don't get to the lake or beach very often, but I think about water fun in the summertime.  Swimming is one of my favorite activities when it's hot outside.  The sun makes me feel good and the water makes me feel even better!

Got a favorite yourself that wasn't in my list?  Share it with us! 

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