Losing Weight for Summer?

Losing weight for the summer?  Me, too!  There are a few things that help me with my progress.  (If you have any secrets, I would love to hear them, too.)

One thing that I have to do is find some healthy foods that I really like and enjoy them often.  This helps me to keep my calories down without losing heart.  If I can eat some yummy things that I would normally eat, then I don't feel so deprived.  I get to preserve some normalcy.

Another way I try to trick myself into believing that I'm not really on a diet is to eat several small meals instead of three big ones.  If I eat more often, then I feel hungry less often and thus keep my binging down to a minimum.

My favorite part of my weight loss process is the cheat.  I have a day every week or so when I cheat.  I can eat whatever I want.  Most of the time, it's my eat out day.  I'll get Chinese buffet or pizza or McDonald's, you know, whatever strikes my fancy that day.  This helps me to be good on the stricter days.  My progress may not be as quick, but it helps me to keep my head better.

My goal in all this process is to look good in my swimsuit this summer.  I definitely don't want to look like a beached whale!  I love my tan through bikinis, but I don't put them on unless I at least sort of like what I see in the mirror.  It helps, though, once I get a tan.  Everyone looks better with a great tan!  Speaking of great tans, you can get one with one of the tan through swimsuits from Lifestyles Direct!  Visit our home page to see what we have to offer.  You will surely see something you like!


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