Losing Weight For The New Year

The new year is upon us and it's time once again for that blasted New Year's Resolution.  For me, the same one rises to the surface every year--losing weight.  Losing weight to fit into those cute summer clothes and, of course, my tan through swimwear is my goal.  Unfortunately, I have been a bit more gluttonous and less active this year, so it will be a bigger challenge than usual.  So, you say, what will I do to achieve my goal?  Okay, since you forced me, I'll tell you.

First off, I intend to get back to my exercise routine.  I use aerobic weight training to build muscle and burn fat.  I enjoy the HIIT-type workouts.  They are very effective for getting into top shape!

Tan through halter top with matching bikini bottom from Lifestyles Direct.Now for the less enjoyable of the ideas.  I have to control my eating habits.  Since I was small, I have eaten enough to feed a small army, but now that I am middle aged, I must change!  Smaller portions and better food choices are my strategy.  It's worked before, so I trust it will work again.  It has to; I really want to wear my itty-bitty bikinis again!

I definitely intend to drink more water.  I find myself chronically dehydrated and I have read that drinking lots of water will help flush my system and help me to lose weight.  

Well, that's my plan to fit into that tan through beachwear.  Do you have any other suggestions?  I would really appreciate some helpful input.  Send me a note!

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