Merry Christmas Tan Through Swimwear Lovers!


Tan through traditional tank from Lifestyles DirectKnow someone (including yourself) who is heading for the warmer climes for a winter vacation?  Give them the gift of a brand new tan through swimsuit!

With our easy return and exchange policies, there is never any need for angst when buying from Lifestyles Direct.  If you wish to give the gift of an all-over tan or a quick-drying bathing suit, you can get them both in a Lifestyles Direct tan through swimsuit!

If you or your friend likes brightly colored, light fabric that allows your skin to breathe in the tropical breeze, look no further. You will feel like you are practically wearing nothing at all.  It is simply freedom in a garment!

The list of health benefits of dry, comfortable skin seems endless.  Reduce chafing, which can be a problem with wet clothing.  If you are a psoriasis sufferer, you can get much needed sunlight to those nether regions which rarely see the light of day.  Greatly reduce the incidence of yeast infections and jock itch caused by moisture.  Our swimwear will dry so quickly that the fungus has no time to grow and obtain a foothold.

If you have any questions about purchasing for the coming holiday or about features of our swimwear, write us a note or call us at 417-293-5081.


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