Movie Review...

Bikinis, one piece swimwear, and men's racers are frequent topics of discussion here.  Today, however, I want to write about something else.  I saw an amazing movie yesterday and want to write about that instead of swimsuits.

Yesterday, my husband and I watched a Russian film called "I Am Dragon."  It was a beautifully made fairy tale movie about a duchess that gets swept away by a dragon and imprisoned in the dragon's lair.  

The story has emotional twists and turns and incredible dialogue.  We both thought we knew how the movie would end, but we were both wrong, at least in part.

The movie was very well made and had beautiful scenery, being filmed in Russia and Bulgaria.  The cinematography was very good as well.  It made me want to live there on that incredible island!

I hope that you will seek to watch this incredible film.  It is definitely worth the effort!

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