Positive Change and a Better Life...

Having trouble sticking to your New Year's Resolution?  Already ditched it for french fries and the couch?  Is it too hard to change?  Keep your head up!  Positive change is always worth it!  

Change helps us to get stronger.  If it is true change, it is usually difficult.  If it is difficult, your will or mind or body has to use its "muscles" to perform the new task.  If it's a bad habit that has to be whipped, it takes discipline and intentional actions to create a good habit to take its place.  Don't let the difficulty of change get in your way; the results of hard work is always good!

Change makes us look at the world differently.  If our resolution is to be a better person, then we start to look at other people in a different way.  We will start to see people for what they are--people.  There's a good chance that in the past, we looked at other people as obstacles in the way of our progress or nuisances.  To be better people we have to slow down and look more closely at others' needs.  We naturally become more empathetic and caring.

Change will inevitably make us happier.  If we have put in hard work and see results of our effort, we will naturally feel better about ourselves and our lives.  For example, if I lose weight, I always want to go buy new clothes, including new swimwear.  It makes me feel like I'm a new person.  It makes me want to celebrate and it makes me look at life differently, like I'm a new person.

Word of advice?  Stick with it! It will be worth the effort and self-discipline.  Who knows, you may get on a roll and change lots of stuff in your life!

See you all next time!



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