Stretching for Your Well-Being

Looking back on my workout this morning, I realize that my favorite part is usually the stretch at the end.  I feel good after I expend the effort to exercise.  Following with a nice relaxing stretch feels extra good!  What are the benefits of stretching besides making me feel good?  I thought you would never ask!

You gain balance in your body by extending all your muscles to their limit.  The more consistent you are in your stretch routine, the more flexible and less prone to injury you become.  If you only stretch one side of your body, the other side will become stiff from shorter muscles.  

Do you want to look better in your tan through bikini?  Stretching makes you look and feel longer and leaner.   Longer limbs always improves the look of a swimsuit.  As we age, we need all the help we can get in that area!

As you stretch, you may also feel better overall.  If you feel better overall, you may want to be more active.  If you become more active, you will feel better.  It seems to be a vicious cycle, but a good one.  Stretch, feel better, and get more active!  Seems like sound advice to me.

Feeling better about your body and the way you look will surely make you want to get a new swimsuit to show off your new look, right?  Visit our tan through swimwear collection to choose the style and color that suits you.  You can choose from one piece swimwear for women, bikini sets, tan through separates that you can mix and match to suit your size and style.  Men can find some great deals as well and can choose from racers and bike shorts.  Ladies, don't forget a coverup to compliment your new beachwear!

Questions or comments?  We look forward to hearing from you!


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