String Bikini Bottoms for Everyone!

Want to try the new double tie string bikini bottoms but are unsure if they will look good on you?  Chances are, they will look better than you think.

If you have a flat rear end, you would get great benefit from a string bikini.  The tie sides will draw attention away from your posterior to your hips.  This will leave you looking curvier to the eye.

Tan through string bikini bottom in blue Caged print.Likewise, if your backside is full, which could be said about the majority of us, the string bikini will allow you to choose less coverage to make your butt look smaller.  Showing more skin in the rear will make your derriere look smaller.

If your hips are narrow, the tie sides of the double tie string bikini bottom will fill them out and give them more volume.  If you tend to be top-heavy, this could also balance out your shape and make your hip area seem more proportionate.

And, of course, for the girls that have a great, hourglass figure and a nice round bum, then the string bikini is an awesome style for you.  It shows off your shape and gives you the perfect fit that everyone wants!

If you need help choosing the right style or size for you, let us know by dropping us a line or calling our customer service line at 417-293-5081.  All of us here at Lifestyles Direct Tan Through Swimwear love to help our customers in any way possible.

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