Swimsuits Outside the Box...

Choosing the best swimsuit for you can be tough.  You have an idea what you like and what you don't, so it can be hard to go outside the box a little to try something new that may be just what you need.  And, it may turn out that you love it!

Most of us get stuck (I'm no exception) thinking that we should be wearing a certain style of swimsuit, a certain color of bikini, etc. when we could be thinking all wrong.  Maybe we had a person tell us that we look good in a color when we really don't and they were just heaping flattery on us, but we take their comment and run with it.  Since then we have been wearing purple blouses, purple shoes, and purple undies because of a careless remark by somebody.  Try new colors and try styles that you may never have considered wearing.

You may pass over the new swimwear craze of the scrunch butt bikini bottom thinking that it is only for young twenty-somethings when the opposite is actually the truth.  Many young girls that wear them don't need the support or uplift!  Give one of these gems a shot and you may be pleasantly surprised with the results!

Go out on a limb and don a bikini instead of a one-piece swimsuit for once.  You may be thrilled by the newfound feeling of freedom.  Just imagine not dreading a trip to the restroom at the beach.  In addition, you may be underestimating your attractiveness in a two piece bathing suit.  I can attest to that as I never wore a bikini when I was a teenager, but now I only wear a one piece swimsuit under duress.

Break out of the box and explore new fashion styles and colors; you will be surprised at what you discover.  Begin your search here at Lifestyles Direct Tan Through Swimwear.  Our store features tan through swimwear for women and men including mix-and-match separates (for all of us who are hard to fit) and lovely coverups to complete our beachwear collection.


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