Tan Thru Your Swimsuit!

Sun through swimsuitWe often have customers inquire about getting a tan with no tan lines.  Some believe that it automatically happens when the tanning swimsuit is worn.  Unfortunately, our swimwear is not so magical.  It would be nice, but no.  The sun and the unique fabric just work well together.  The tiny pores in the micromesh open to allow the sunlight through the fabric so your skin gets more exposure to the sun's rays.  Today, I will give you all the steps to achieve an all-over tan with Lifestyles Direct Tan Through Swimwear.

Like I mentioned, the pores lets more sunlight through this fabric than most do.  All the sunlight does not pass through, though.  In order to compensate for the SPF of the fabric, you need to balance it with a sunscreen on your skin that is not covered by the swimwear.  This lets the same amount of sun reach all your skin.  

Next, since the seams and areas with elastic, like straps, leg openings, etc., do not let sunlight through, you need to move them around periodically, so the areas of skin that are covered by these thicker parts get equal time in the sun.  This allows all of your skin to be tanned the same.  It may take a few tries to get the frequency of shifting to work for you, but you can do it.  

The use of a tanning sticker is always important as well.  Seeing gradual progress is difficult.  The sticker allows you to see that the sun is doing its work underneath the tan through swimsuit before it becomes dramatic.

As with all time in the sun, be careful not to get overexposed.  No one enjoys a sunburn!

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