Vanity Sizing Is Such a Pain!

Ever wonder about clothing sizing?  Why do they vary so much from one brand to another?  Why do sizes seem to be getting bigger?  I don't have any solid facts to explain these developments, but I can make some good guesses based on observation and experience.  

The biggest reason I believe that clothing manufacturers are shifting the size charts--labeling clothing with a smaller size number--boosts sales.  People are vain creatures and run to the clothing store that can deliver them the smallest size for their dollar.  If I was betting, I would say that consumers will pay more for a smaller size.  Crazy, huh?  

Another reason for size the size shift is that it makes the consumer feel better about themselves.  All of us women harbor at least a smidgen of vanity and like to see a smaller number in our jeans or bikini.  It gives us a little bit of a giddy feeling.  However, it has nothing to do with reality and makes shopping such a headache.

Whatever the reason for this trend, it makes shopping much harder and may hurt online clothing store sales since determining the correct size is such a crap-shoot.  It is comforting when companies don't shift their sizes. 

At least in one corner of the fashion world you can find consistent sizing.  Proudly, here at Lifestyles Direct, the size chart has not changed in the past couple decades.  The styles may have changed, but if you plug your measurements into the chart, the same size will be the result.  Buy your tan through swimsuit with confidence!  The next time you shop with us you can be sure that your size will not have changed (unless you ate a bunch of cookies).  Get your next one piece swimsuit, tan through bikini set, or mix and match bikini without wondering what your shopping experience will be like next time.

There is no doubt that the rest of the clothing industry will continue the ego stroking, but we want to provide consistent and unchanging sizes so there are no worries!  



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