Visit Miami!

When any of us hear Miami mentioned, we typically think of beautiful beaches, parties, and bikini clad girls, right?  If you have ever visited the city, you know there is much more to be seen and experienced there.

One of my favorite experiences in Miami is dining on Cuban cuisine.  The rice is amazing and the plantains are spectacular!  The pork is nothing to sneeze at either.  I am not a fan of coffee, but I hear that the Cuban coffee will knock your socks clean off!

There are trade shows that are held there each year that some lucky ones get to experience.  One held every year, to which I've personally been several times, is a large swimwear show at the Miami Beach Convention Center and attracts many exhibitors and retailers hoping to get a great deal and a sneak peek on the next year's swimwear lines.  It's always interesting to see what everyone has to offer.

Another site that I personally love to visit is the Holocaust Memorial of Miami Beach. It is a somber experience, but something that no one should miss.  It is a poignant reminder of our world's past and a warning for future generations that should not be ignored.

Of course, if you visit Miami, you should not ignore the beaches and beautiful sunshine!  So, get your collection of tan through swimwear and head on down there for a week or two of sun and sand.  You will thoroughly enjoy yourself!


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