Warm Climates...

I have lived my whole life in Missouri.  I have always known very vividly the four seasons--cold winters, colorful springs, hot summers, cool falls.  I always look forward to spring and summer.  I hate the cold.  Would a more tropical climate be more to my liking?  

I love wearing my tan through swimwear.  Here in Missouri, unless you have an indoor pool, swimming is relegated to the summertime only.  There are the few crazies who plunge into icy water in January, but let's not count them, okay?  If I were to live somewhere like, say, Florida, I could don my bikini all year round, right?  I understand that it gets cool some days, but for the most part, it stays warm.   What do you all from Florida say?  What about California?  Does it remain warm enough for swimsuits there?  Texas?  New Mexico or Arizona?  

I would like to get some testimony from you all concerning your respective states.  Give us a call at 417-293-5081 or drop us a line!


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