Why Choose Tan Through Swimwear?

Why buy tan through swimwear?  With hundreds of swimwear brands out there, why choose a swimsuit that you can tan thru?  Let's discuss some very good reasons.  The tiny pores allow very quick drying of the swimsuit.  The fabric is light.  There is no thick padding so it packs very compactly in your suitcase for vacation.  With Lifestyles Direct Tan Through Swimwear, the fabric will not snag on rough surfaces.  The swimsuit can aid in a psoriasis sufferer's phototherapy.  We don't want to forget the main feature of tan through swimwear; you can tan thru the swimming suit, leaving, at least, lesser tan lines.

Tan through swimsuitOur customers' favorite feature of our tan through swimsuits is the fact that it dries extremely quickly.  The tiny pores let the sunlight and air through so your swimsuit cannot remain soggy and wet for long.  This also makes it impossible for your skin to stay wet and uncomfortable.  Dry, happy skin makes a happier you!

Slipping on a heavy garment when it's hot is not desirable!  Our swimwear is similar to going nude because the fabric is so light.  In fact, many nudists choose Lifestyles Direct for the occasions when they must wear a swimsuit and it makes them feel as close to freedom as is possible.  

No one likes to check bags at the airport.  It costs more and it costs time.  Packing items that are more compact to begin with is a step in the direction of freedom from checked luggage.  Many swimsuits are lined and padded so that they resemble fat suits instead of swimwear.  Get a swimsuit that has no padding and can be held easily in the palm of your hand.  Less is definitely more here!

Most swimwear will snag on concrete and Velcro™.  We all hate that.  Our swimwear has a no-snag guarantee.  How's that for different?  We have vigorously tested it with Velcro™ and it is most definitely extremely snag resistant!  This means no more pilling and picking on the poolside tile or concrete and no more ruined swimsuit after one outing!

We have customers that have found relief and benefit from their psoriasis symptoms from the use of our tan through swimwear.  The sunlight passes to their skin, especially areas that is not normally exposed to the sun's rays, like the hip area and the buttocks.  One customer in particular claims that she would not wear any other swimwear for this reason.

Finally, tan through bathing suits allow the sunlight to pass through to your skin and your skin becomes tanner in the process.  The fabric acts as a sun screen of sorts (about 10 SPF) depending on the stretch of the fabric and the sun's angle.  The more the pores are opened, the more sunlight there is allowed through the fabric to your skin.  In the very least, you will passively have less intense tan lines.  If you are diligent by applying a matching sunscreen to uncovered skin and move seams and straps, you can achieve an all over tan without tan lines.  

If an ordinary conventional swimsuit is a-okay with you, then that's okay.  If you like extraordinary experiences, come see us at Lifestyles Direct!



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