Why Do People Like You?

Why do the people in our lives like us?  Some of us pity-party-throwers may erroneously bemoan the fact that no one likes us, but 99.9% of the time, it's not true.  We all have someone that loves us.  But why?  Have you ever thought about it?  I do sometimes.  It's hard to think about ourselves objectively, but we all should try. 

Of us who believe in God, we have it easier because we believe that we are here for a purpose and the people around us are not just here by accident.  Knowing that you are here as part of some plan makes us feel like we have value, so we need to look at ourselves and ask what is good about us.  Are you tenderhearted?  Do you have a good sense of humor and can make others laugh, uplifting their spirits?  Are you honest and forthcoming, keeping those around you accountable for their actions, thus making them better people in the long run?

I often wonder why my husband has stayed married to me for so many years, besides his vow to do so.  He does find me humorous at times.  I tend to live with both my feet firmly implanted in my mouth.  I think he also appreciates my loyalty to him and our marriage. 

Are you honest?  Are you kind?  Are you gregarious?  Funny?  Encouraging?  Take a look at yourself.  Fix the things that need fixing and use the things that don't with all your heart!

I realize this little post has had nothing to do with tan through swimwear, bikinis, or anything else swimsuit-related, but we all need to look at ourselves once in a while so we can see the world a little clearer.

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