Why Tan Through?

You may think that a swimsuit is a swimsuit and all swimwear is the same.  Why buy a tan through swimsuit?  Why give up your conventional swimwear with its heavy lining and padding?  Well, I can tell you why.  The light micromesh from which we construct Lifestyles Direct Tan Through Swimwear affords several advantages over conventional swimwear.

Our customers' favorite feature of these amazing swimsuits is the speed in which they dry.  Only minutes after leaving the water, you can feel a significant difference in the feel of the fabric and your skin between the tan thru bathing suit and a conventional one.  Most conventional suits will still be soggy and drippy while the tan through bathing suit will be slightly damp.  Within the hour, you and your swimsuit will be dry and comfy.  In fact, it may even out-dry your hair!

Sun throughOur swimwear is also tan through.  The sun's rays passes through the special fabric to reach your skin underneath.  This makes tan lines disappear over time, giving you a more even sun tan, which is decidedly more attractive than skin with stark tan lines.  

Durability is, surprisingly, an awesome feature of this light fabric.  It may look delicate, but it definitely is not!  The micromesh is guaranteed to not snag on rough surfaces.  You can sit on poolside concrete or rocks all day and not get those ugly pick marks on your swimsuit.  This is one of my personal favorite features.  I hate pick marks and this swimwear gives me what I want.  My bikini stays beautiful no matter where I venture!

Why do you love your tan through swimsuits?  Let us know.  We always love to hear from our customers' perspectives.




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