Yay! Flip-Flop Season!

Anyone else out there a flip-flop freak like me?  One thing that makes me long for summer is the wearing of the flip-flop.  (It even comes ahead of my tan through swimwear.  Shhh, don't tell.)The simplicity and comfort can't be beat by any other shoe style.  Once my feet gets accustomed to them each summer, I can do almost anything in them.  

I can wear the cheap ones that you see in the discount bins at the department stores or the $2.00 jobs at Walmart.  The best thing about them is that they are cheaply replaced when they float away at the river or lake.  A bad thing is that they wear out more quickly than higher quality ones.

I love the molded ones the best.  They don't have straps that will pull through the sole so they last longer and can take more from life than the cheaper models.  They also feel better since they are usually made of a more pliable material.

If you are like me and love those flip-flops,  grab a pair along with your tan through bikini and sarong and get into some summertime activity.  If not a bikini, then maybe a lovely one piece swimsuit from Lifestyles Direct Tan Through Swimwear.  There are several styles from which to choose.  Don't worry, men, I didn't forget about you.  You wear flip flops and swimwear too, right?  We also offer great tan through racers and bike shorts for you all as well.

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