Tan Through Bathing Suit Traditional Tank EB0235

Lifestyles Direct

SKU: EB0235-08

Acquire a look as refreshing as a glass of lemonade!  The blue hues will make you look and feel cooler and more refreshed, even on the hottest days on the beach.  Apart from the amazing color, this blue Serpent traditional tank swimsuit will let you tan thru the fabric so you get the best tan in town.  The tiny pores that allow the sunlight pass through the swimwear also keeps you cooler by allowing the air to flow all the way to your skin.  This air flow actually cools your skin and dries your swimsuit quickly.  This seems to be our customers' favorite feature of Lifestyle Direct Tan Through Swimwear.  Sure, you can tan through the swimwear, but the extreme comfort that results from a quick drying swimsuit trumps everything else!