Storing Your Tan Through Swimwear For Winter...

Unfortunately, it's the time of year to think about storing our summer clothing.  It makes me sad, too, but it has to be done!  Today, let's talk about storing your tan through swimwear properly so they will be beautiful next spring when sun tanning is possible again.

The first step to properly storing your one-piece swimsuit or tan through bikini is to thoroughly clean it.  As much chlorine, oils, and salt need to be removed before storing your swimwear.  These chemicals and compounds can damage the fabric and elastic if allowed to remain on the swimsuit for long periods of time.  To thoroughly clean your Lifestyles Direct Tan Through swimsuit, you need to hand rinse it well in cool, clean water.  If there is a lot of oil, lotion, or chlorine present on your swimming suit, you may need to use a very mild detergent, like Woolite.  

The next step is to let your tan thru swimwear dry thoroughly.  We recommend that you hang them to dry indoors or in the shade, just so it is a ventilated area.  Do not hang them in the sun.  It is important that your swimwear is thoroughly dried before storage to prevent mildew damage.

Next, place them in a drawer or plastic container for storage, being careful not pack them too tightly.

Now, here comes the hardest step of all.  Wait for spring to arrive again...

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