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Positive Change and a Better Life...

Having trouble sticking to your New Year's Resolution?  Already ditched it for french fries and the couch?  Is it too hard to change?  Keep your head up!  Positive change is always worth it!  

Change helps us to get stronger.  If it is true change, it is usually difficult.  If it is difficult, your will or mind or body has to use its "muscles" to perform the new task.  If it's a bad habit that has to be whipped, it takes discipline and intentional actions to create a good habit to take its place.  Don't let the difficulty of change get in your way; the results of hard work is always good!

Change makes us look at the world differently.  If our resolution is to be a better person, then we start to look at other people in a different way.  We will start to see people for what they are--people.  There's a good chance that in the past, we looked at other people as obstacles in the way of our progress or nuisances.  To be better people we have to slow down and look more closely at others' needs.  We naturally become more empathetic and caring.

Change will inevitably make us happier.  If we have put in hard work and see results of our effort, we will naturally feel better about ourselves and our lives.  For example, if I lose weight, I always want to go buy new clothes, including new swimwear.  It makes me feel like I'm a new person.  It makes me want to celebrate and it makes me look at life differently, like I'm a new person.

Word of advice?  Stick with it! It will be worth the effort and self-discipline.  Who knows, you may get on a roll and change lots of stuff in your life!

See you all next time!



One of My Favorite Activities in Florida

There are lots of activities to enjoy in the Sunshine State. Most people think of the usual ones like swimming, visiting Disneyworld, fishing, or embarking on a cruise.

Florida sceneOne that most people may not consider is gator watching along the Tamiami Trail.  During a recent drive along this southern route between Miami and Naples, we saw dozens of the giant reptiles sunning themselves along the canals in the swampland.  Granted, the sunning of the alligators is not a very exciting sight to see, but when they get warmed up, they start crossing the roads and swimming around.  

Another good way to see the alligators is by taking an airboat tour of the Everglades.  You can find many airboat tour companies just by watching the billboards along the highways.  In fact, there are several that can be hired on the Tamiami Trail alone.  I've never personally taken an airboat ride, but it sure looks fun to me!

If looking for gators are not your cup of tea, the bird-watching is spectacular.  You can see many different wading birds, hawks, eagles, and lots more.  Many people stop to photograph the birds in the trees that grow very close to the highway.  It's amazing how much more you see when you slow down to merely look.

All of us here at Lifestyles Direct Tan Through Swimwear hope that you make time for a Florida vacation soon.  There is lots to do and see.  However, if you go, don't forget to stock up on your tan through bikinis and one piece swimsuits.  There's no sense in wasting all that time in the sunshine!

With your questions or comments, drop us a line or call us at 417-293-5081.


Get New Tan Through Swimwear for the New Year!

A new year means new resolutions and goals, but it can also mean new swimwear!  Our second wave of the new 2018 Lifestyles Direct swimwear line will be released for purchase in the next few weeks!

We will have brand new prints in lots of styles for you to peruse.  We have lots of new tan through bikini separates in these new prints so you can build your perfect look and fit!  We also will present new underwire support one piece swimsuits for all of our full figured gals.  Along with these will be new additions to our new B42 style which features wide, supportive criss-cross straps and roomy, structured cups for all you active women.  They are great for swimming laps and other water exercise since the straps stay put!  

Don't forget to shop our traditional tanks with all the new prints for your sunbathing pleasure!



Merry Christmas Tan Through Swimwear Lovers!


Tan through traditional tank from Lifestyles DirectKnow someone (including yourself) who is heading for the warmer climes for a winter vacation?  Give them the gift of a brand new tan through swimsuit!

With our easy return and exchange policies, there is never any need for angst when buying from Lifestyles Direct.  If you wish to give the gift of an all-over tan or a quick-drying bathing suit, you can get them both in a Lifestyles Direct tan through swimsuit!

If you or your friend likes brightly colored, light fabric that allows your skin to breathe in the tropical breeze, look no further. You will feel like you are practically wearing nothing at all.  It is simply freedom in a garment!

The list of health benefits of dry, comfortable skin seems endless.  Reduce chafing, which can be a problem with wet clothing.  If you are a psoriasis sufferer, you can get much needed sunlight to those nether regions which rarely see the light of day.  Greatly reduce the incidence of yeast infections and jock itch caused by moisture.  Our swimwear will dry so quickly that the fungus has no time to grow and obtain a foothold.

If you have any questions about purchasing for the coming holiday or about features of our swimwear, write us a note or call us at 417-293-5081.


New 2018 Tan Through Traditional Tank Swimsuits

Carnival traditional tank in purple.Love a simple, yet beautiful swimsuit for your beach vacation fun?  This season we are introducing ten new traditional tank swimsuits for women that is sure to please every taste in color and color combination.  
Colors this season in our traditional tanks include blues, pinks, pastels, brights, and, of course, earth tones.  Visit our product pages to view the new prints up close and choose your favorite(s)!

Our print designers have also done a great job with the new prints.  We can boast new animal-inspired designs and prints that are reminiscent of Mardi Gras.  Whatever your print preferences, we here at Lifestyles Direct believe that you can find a design that will strike your fancy.     

If you have any questions about our new 2018 swimwear line (more coming later), just drop us a line on our contact page or give us a call at 417-293-5081.


Happy Thanksgiving, Tan Through Swimsuit Lovers!

Most of us look forward to the coming Thanksgiving holiday.  We love getting together with family that we don't see often.  We eat a huge feast that seems to kick off a feeding frenzy for the upcoming month.  Some of us, however, are looking forward to a yearly winter vacation. Where do they head?

Some make it simple and head to Florida.  They are thankful to be on a warm beach in Miami or Key West.  It sure beats braving the cold for a trip to the local department stores for Christmas shopping.  They have Walmart locations in Florida, right?  Why not think about your loved ones' gifts while relaxing in a bikini beside a pool?  Sounds fine to me!

Others head to the Caribbean.  This is a great choice as most places are inexpensive to reach.  The temps are warm, the atmosphere is relaxed, and the threat of hurricanes has passed, leaving a very inviting place to be.  Grad a mojito and enjoy your shopping!

The boldest of us will head to the southern hemisphere!  Rio, Down Under, or Panama, it doesn't matter, just so the cold is far, far away!  I would like to be in this group.  I hate the cold.  It makes me not want to go outside at all.  I don't get my needed vitamin D or fresh air.  I have spent a little time in Panama and Colombia and I could get used to that on a regular basis....like every winter!  I enjoy being able to strip down to my swimsuit (tan through, of course) and soak up the sun's rays or just lounge on a boat deck.  Even going shopping is a breeze there.  You don your shorts and flip flops and away you go.

No matter where you spend your winter, we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and Christmas season!  If you are one of the cold weather escapees don't forget your swimwear for the trip!  Here at Lifestyles Direct, we have a full line of tan through swimwear that will fit your style and budget.  From one piece bathing suits for women to racer briefs for men, we've got you covered!

Questions or comments?  Don't hesitate to call at 417-293-5081!



Why Do People Like You?

Why do the people in our lives like us?  Some of us pity-party-throwers may erroneously bemoan the fact that no one likes us, but 99.9% of the time, it's not true.  We all have someone that loves us.  But why?  Have you ever thought about it?  I do sometimes.  It's hard to think about ourselves objectively, but we all should try. 

Of us who believe in God, we have it easier because we believe that we are here for a purpose and the people around us are not just here by accident.  Knowing that you are here as part of some plan makes us feel like we have value, so we need to look at ourselves and ask what is good about us.  Are you tenderhearted?  Do you have a good sense of humor and can make others laugh, uplifting their spirits?  Are you honest and forthcoming, keeping those around you accountable for their actions, thus making them better people in the long run?

I often wonder why my husband has stayed married to me for so many years, besides his vow to do so.  He does find me humorous at times.  I tend to live with both my feet firmly implanted in my mouth.  I think he also appreciates my loyalty to him and our marriage. 

Are you honest?  Are you kind?  Are you gregarious?  Funny?  Encouraging?  Take a look at yourself.  Fix the things that need fixing and use the things that don't with all your heart!

I realize this little post has had nothing to do with tan through swimwear, bikinis, or anything else swimsuit-related, but we all need to look at ourselves once in a while so we can see the world a little clearer.

The New 2018 Tan Through Swimwear Line Is On the Way!

It's that time of year again!  There is lots of activity here at Lifestyles Direct getting ready for the new swimwear season.  We have new prints to unveil that I am sure everyone will love--I do!

Whether you like blues, pinks, browns, brights, earth-tones, it doesn't matter.  We should have a color scheme for everyone.  The color combinations are fabulous as well.  You can get a brightly colored bikini or one piece swimsuit or you can choose a swimsuit style with more subtle color contrasts and tones.

Our expanded line of separates will be pleasing to many of you.  We know that you all like the tankinis and the string bikinis.  We have lots of new ones from which to choose.  Get ready with your wallet; you won't be able to resist the new prints!

We will announce the unveiling of the first wave of the new swimwear in a few weeks.  We hope you come to see what we have to offer!  In the meantime, you can help us clear out our stock of clearance items to make room for the new line of tan through swimwear.

Questions or comments?  We will be happy to answer any questions or address any concerns that you may have.  You can visit our contact page or call us at 417-293-5081.  We look forward to hearing from you!


Vanity Sizing Is Such a Pain!

Ever wonder about clothing sizing?  Why do they vary so much from one brand to another?  Why do sizes seem to be getting bigger?  I don't have any solid facts to explain these developments, but I can make some good guesses based on observation and experience.  

The biggest reason I believe that clothing manufacturers are shifting the size charts--labeling clothing with a smaller size number--boosts sales.  People are vain creatures and run to the clothing store that can deliver them the smallest size for their dollar.  If I was betting, I would say that consumers will pay more for a smaller size.  Crazy, huh?  

Another reason for size the size shift is that it makes the consumer feel better about themselves.  All of us women harbor at least a smidgen of vanity and like to see a smaller number in our jeans or bikini.  It gives us a little bit of a giddy feeling.  However, it has nothing to do with reality and makes shopping such a headache.

Whatever the reason for this trend, it makes shopping much harder and may hurt online clothing store sales since determining the correct size is such a crap-shoot.  It is comforting when companies don't shift their sizes. 

At least in one corner of the fashion world you can find consistent sizing.  Proudly, here at Lifestyles Direct, the size chart has not changed in the past couple decades.  The styles may have changed, but if you plug your measurements into the chart, the same size will be the result.  Buy your tan through swimsuit with confidence!  The next time you shop with us you can be sure that your size will not have changed (unless you ate a bunch of cookies).  Get your next one piece swimsuit, tan through bikini set, or mix and match bikini without wondering what your shopping experience will be like next time.

There is no doubt that the rest of the clothing industry will continue the ego stroking, but we want to provide consistent and unchanging sizes so there are no worries!  



Comfort and Style

Comfort or style?  That is the quandary in which I find myself constantly.  I usually choose comfort, especially as I grow older.  The old these-shoes-look-great-but-I-can't-wait-to-get-them-off-my-poor,-pained-feet phase of my life is long over.  In fact, it became history about the time I left college, which was a loooong time ago.  I have since opted for comfort.  This applies to everything from shoes to swimwear. 

I no longer (or very seldom) wear uncomfortable heels and dress shoes.  I opt for flip flops or sandals in the summertime and sneakers in the winter. In fact, I am barefoot most of the time.  Shoes are only worn if I am going out.  It really saves on shoe expense!

Tan through string bikini with matching sarongWhen I was young, I wore only one piece swimsuits.  I was extremely self-conscious and wouldn't be caught dead in a two piece bathing suit.  As I age, I have come to prefer a bikini for the convenience and comfort.  Underwire styles don't fit me well so I opt for a string top or maybe a halter top.  Since I work for Lifestyles Direct, I only wear the tan through bikinis now, of course.  I get the same great comfort with added benefits of light, quick drying fabric plus a great tan!

There is a style that gives comfort and the sleek, stylish look of one piece swimwear.  It is the structured top crisscross adjustable strap swimsuit from Lifestyles Direct.  It feels like you're wearing a big hug!  The straps allow for a long or short torso and the structured cups have lots of room for a larger bust.  You get the room without the underwires!

Get your comfort--and style--at Lifestyles Direct Tan Through Swimwear!  You won't regret it!  You can find women's swimwear styles from a simple traditional tank to a fully structured underwire support bathing suit.  If you like a two piece option, we have sexy string bikinis, , or styles in between.  Men can find tan through racers and bike shorts as well.