Tan Thru Swimwear deals, sneak peeks, and cookie recipes ;)

Back To The Basics

Overwhelmed by the swimwear choices and styles these days?  Do some of them make you scratch your head?  Me, too!  I look at swimwear ads and swimwear blogs and basic articles about swimwear and sometimes I just don't understand what's going on in the fashion world.  Sure, some of the bikinis look cool.  In fact, some are downright fantastic aesthetically.  Some of the one piece swimsuits have so many attachments and straps that I would be afraid of getting tangled in it like a fishing net.  I don't know about you, but I want to at least be able to wear the swimming suit into the water.

Tan through string bikini top and bottom--ET7147 and EP7747--in orange Heat print.Tan through traditional tank swimwear from Lifestyles Direct--EB0226--purple Carnival.So, what are our real choices?  How about the basics?  The basic tank swimsuit that is flattering to almost every figure is a good choice.  Need some extra support in the bust?  Get a tank swimsuit with a cup or underwire incorporated.  

The string bikini is another example of a classic style that never dies.  It's simple, sexy, and, like the basic tank swimsuit, flatters most figures.  It is very adjustable and is simple in its construction, so there is no hardware to fall off or come unsewn.

A nice halter top bikini or tankini is simple and provides a very flattering look as well.  The straps tie at the neck so you can adjust them to your body while providing a great look for most women.  Also, there are only two straps per bikini top so you probably won't get tangled in them like some of the strappy swimsuits these days.  Whew!  

We seem to be spoiled for choices.  The simplest swimsuits are usually the best sellers and the most loved.  Let's get back to the basics and worry about more important things like what to have for lunch.

If you have questions about any of our swimwear here at Lifestyles Direct, or if you want to go out to lunch, send us a message or call us at 417-293-5081.

String Bikini Bottoms for Everyone!

Want to try the new double tie string bikini bottoms but are unsure if they will look good on you?  Chances are, they will look better than you think.

If you have a flat rear end, you would get great benefit from a string bikini.  The tie sides will draw attention away from your posterior to your hips.  This will leave you looking curvier to the eye.

Tan through string bikini bottom in blue Caged print.Likewise, if your backside is full, which could be said about the majority of us, the string bikini will allow you to choose less coverage to make your butt look smaller.  Showing more skin in the rear will make your derriere look smaller.

If your hips are narrow, the tie sides of the double tie string bikini bottom will fill them out and give them more volume.  If you tend to be top-heavy, this could also balance out your shape and make your hip area seem more proportionate.

And, of course, for the girls that have a great, hourglass figure and a nice round bum, then the string bikini is an awesome style for you.  It shows off your shape and gives you the perfect fit that everyone wants!

If you need help choosing the right style or size for you, let us know by dropping us a line or calling our customer service line at 417-293-5081.  All of us here at Lifestyles Direct Tan Through Swimwear love to help our customers in any way possible.

Tan Through Swimwear Clearance!

Get lots of your favorite styles for amazingly low prices starting today!  We have a little of everything, but the deals will go fast!

Tan through crisscross adjustable strap sport tank -- BB6084On our clearance rack, we have men's and women's swimwear for as low as $19.95 and coverups for as low as $14.95!  You can get one-piece swimwear like the ever-popular traditional tank, the crisscross adjustable strap sport tank, underwire support tanks with adjustable straps, and even the structured cup plus size tank.

For you bikini lovers, we have everything from the classic string bikini to a C-D underwire full coverage bikini set.  In the mix there are also halter bikini sets in several colors and a boy leg bikini set with a string top.

Men, get ready!  There are many new additions of men's swimwear on our clearance sale page!  We have added some of all of our men's styles so if you like a racer, we have you covered.  If you want a bike short, don't worry!

If you have any questions about our clearance suits or our current line of swimwear, just send us a message or call us at 417-293-5081 and we will help you in any way that we can.

Bye, and happy shopping!

Tan Through Bikinis for Your New Bikini Body!

Having trouble deciding on the perfect bikini style for your new bikini body?  It can be frustrating knowing just which one will work the best for you.  Maybe I can help you narrow down your choices.

Tan through halter style bikini in Kaleidoscope print.If you are youthful and perky, you might want to consider the ever-popular string bikini.  Lifestyles Direct offers lots of colors and sizes to fit almost everyone.  If you are a penny-pincher, we even have a few bikini sets on clearance.  Otherwise, you can choose a top and bottom in our double tie string bikini separates in different sizes to achieve the perfect fit.  If you are wild and wacky, you can even mix-and-match the colors for a more unique look.

If a sportier fit and look is more your style, we offer halter style tops that can be matched with any style bottom--high waist, string, or even, in some prints, a scrunch butt or a low rise bottom.  This style bikini will give you a little more support in the top for more vigorous summertime activities.

Some of us need more of a bra style bikini top with an underwire.  There are a few underwire tops in our separates or, if you like a smokin' deal, you can choose from several bikini sets with underwire tops and high waisted bikini bottoms.  Besides our tankini bikinis, this style gives you the most coverage of any of our bikini offerings.

Last, but not least, is our tankini bikini tops.  These offer the coverage of a one-piece swimsuit with the comfort and freedom of a two-piece bathing suit.  The cups are large and roomy and the neck ties give you great support and adjustability.  Furthermore, you can match these great tops with any of our available bikini bottom styles to get just the coverage and look you want.

Need additional help choosing?  Drop us a line or call us at 417-293-5081.

Homemade Greek Yogurt

Every once in a while I like to write about food that I enjoy.  Today I'm thinking about Greek yogurt.  I have recently started making my own at home in my Instant Pot.  It's easy and turns out awesome Greek yogurt!

One of the things that I love about Greek yogurt is the high protein content.  It has roughly double the protein of regular yogurt and tons less sugar.  In fact, I was staying in a hotel in L. A. recently and the kitchen served yogurt as a choice at breakfast.  I love yogurt so I decided to have one.  I couldn't eat it!  It was soooo sweet compared to the Greek variety.

Making my own yogurt at home lets me get high quality product without "mystery ingredients."  I know everything that goes into my homemade kind so I know how healthy it is for me.  I can pronounce the names of all the stuff that goes into it!

Another thing I love about having my own yogurt is the fact that I can decide when I'm eating it what flavor I want.  Before I started making my own, I remember standing in front of the refrigerator looking at the available choices and thinking, "I don't feel like any of those flavors."  Now, I leave my yogurt plain until I eat it so I can satisfy that specific hankering!  My favorite flavoring right now is crushed pineapple.  Yum!  My favorites change, so the only quandary now is having on hand all the flavorings that I might want...

Another great benefit of making my own is that it helps with my weight loss.  The flavorings that I add to my yogurt has very little sugar and thus adds very few calories to it.  I can have a high protein snack any time without worries that it will hinder my march to fitting back into my bikinis.

The cost savings is tremendous!  A five ounce container of Greek yogurt is usually around a dollar.  From a gallon of whole milk, I get half a gallon or more (depending on desired thickness) of awesome yogurt.  A gallon of whole milk here costs about $2.50.  That's sixty four ounces for $2.50!  How can you beat that?

I realize that Greek yogurt has little to do with tan through swimwear, except for the fact that it can help you fit into that tank swimsuit a little easier.  Sometimes it's nice to talk about different things and maybe help someone in the process.

If you have any questions about yogurt or swimsuits, just drop us a line or give us a ring at 417-293-5081.

Losing Weight for Summer?

Losing weight for the summer?  Me, too!  There are a few things that help me with my progress.  (If you have any secrets, I would love to hear them, too.)

One thing that I have to do is find some healthy foods that I really like and enjoy them often.  This helps me to keep my calories down without losing heart.  If I can eat some yummy things that I would normally eat, then I don't feel so deprived.  I get to preserve some normalcy.

Another way I try to trick myself into believing that I'm not really on a diet is to eat several small meals instead of three big ones.  If I eat more often, then I feel hungry less often and thus keep my binging down to a minimum.

My favorite part of my weight loss process is the cheat.  I have a day every week or so when I cheat.  I can eat whatever I want.  Most of the time, it's my eat out day.  I'll get Chinese buffet or pizza or McDonald's, you know, whatever strikes my fancy that day.  This helps me to be good on the stricter days.  My progress may not be as quick, but it helps me to keep my head better.

My goal in all this process is to look good in my swimsuit this summer.  I definitely don't want to look like a beached whale!  I love my tan through bikinis, but I don't put them on unless I at least sort of like what I see in the mirror.  It helps, though, once I get a tan.  Everyone looks better with a great tan!  Speaking of great tans, you can get one with one of the tan through swimsuits from Lifestyles Direct!  Visit our home page to see what we have to offer.  You will surely see something you like!


Customer Feedback...

Here at Lifestyles Direct Tan Through Swimwear, we love our customers!  We love to hear what you think about our product and how we can serve you better!

We are anxious every year to hear what you all think about our new prints and new Tan through tankini top in orange Heat print.styles that we offer.  This helps us to give you what you want and we know that if you all don't like what we offer, you'll go somewhere else for your bikinis and tan through swimsuits.  We don't want that.  We recently added the tankini bikini top and it has been very successful.  We would have never known to add it if some of you hadn't communicated your desire to see it in our swimwear line.  Thank you for your input!

We also like to hear how our customer service can improve.  We get lots of folks that comment about our great customer service and we love to hear how we have made you happy.  However, without some constructive criticism, our service is slower to improve.  Let us know what you think we can improve.  It will make our company better for everyone!

Get started today with your comments and constructive criticisms by writing us on our contact page.  You may also call at 417-293-5081.

Have a great week!

Why Choose Tan Through Swimwear?

Why buy tan through swimwear?  With hundreds of swimwear brands out there, why choose a swimsuit that you can tan thru?  Let's discuss some very good reasons.  The tiny pores allow very quick drying of the swimsuit.  The fabric is light.  There is no thick padding so it packs very compactly in your suitcase for vacation.  With Lifestyles Direct Tan Through Swimwear, the fabric will not snag on rough surfaces.  The swimsuit can aid in a psoriasis sufferer's phototherapy.  We don't want to forget the main feature of tan through swimwear; you can tan thru the swimming suit, leaving, at least, lesser tan lines.

Tan through swimsuitOur customers' favorite feature of our tan through swimsuits is the fact that it dries extremely quickly.  The tiny pores let the sunlight and air through so your swimsuit cannot remain soggy and wet for long.  This also makes it impossible for your skin to stay wet and uncomfortable.  Dry, happy skin makes a happier you!

Slipping on a heavy garment when it's hot is not desirable!  Our swimwear is similar to going nude because the fabric is so light.  In fact, many nudists choose Lifestyles Direct for the occasions when they must wear a swimsuit and it makes them feel as close to freedom as is possible.  

No one likes to check bags at the airport.  It costs more and it costs time.  Packing items that are more compact to begin with is a step in the direction of freedom from checked luggage.  Many swimsuits are lined and padded so that they resemble fat suits instead of swimwear.  Get a swimsuit that has no padding and can be held easily in the palm of your hand.  Less is definitely more here!

Most swimwear will snag on concrete and Velcro™.  We all hate that.  Our swimwear has a no-snag guarantee.  How's that for different?  We have vigorously tested it with Velcro™ and it is most definitely extremely snag resistant!  This means no more pilling and picking on the poolside tile or concrete and no more ruined swimsuit after one outing!

We have customers that have found relief and benefit from their psoriasis symptoms from the use of our tan through swimwear.  The sunlight passes to their skin, especially areas that is not normally exposed to the sun's rays, like the hip area and the buttocks.  One customer in particular claims that she would not wear any other swimwear for this reason.

Finally, tan through bathing suits allow the sunlight to pass through to your skin and your skin becomes tanner in the process.  The fabric acts as a sun screen of sorts (about 10 SPF) depending on the stretch of the fabric and the sun's angle.  The more the pores are opened, the more sunlight there is allowed through the fabric to your skin.  In the very least, you will passively have less intense tan lines.  If you are diligent by applying a matching sunscreen to uncovered skin and move seams and straps, you can achieve an all over tan without tan lines.  

If an ordinary conventional swimsuit is a-okay with you, then that's okay.  If you like extraordinary experiences, come see us at Lifestyles Direct!



Choosing Your Swimwear...

Choosing a swimsuit can be very frustrating.  Standing in a department store looking at rack after rack of different styles and colors can be enough to send you screaming from the store.  There are a few things to look at when choosing your swimwear.

One of the easiest things to figure out is which color/colors look the best on you.  It can be as simple as grabbing your best friend and having them look while you model different colored clothing to see what compliments your skin and hair color.  From your deductions you can choose which colors you like the most and go with those.  

Blue Hibiscus tan through string bikini with sarong.A little more difficult hurdle is trying to choose the style that best fits us.  In this process, we may have to give up our illusions and finally come to grips with the fact that we need to be wearing a different style than we have always chosen.  For example, giving up the string bikini for a tankini or one piece swimsuit.  Knowing your body type is important in this process.  Do you have wide hips and narrow shoulders?  Do you have a straight figure?  Whatever your shape, you can find a swimsuit that fits well and compliments your body shape.

A good example for guidance is fitting the pear shaped woman.  Her shoulders are narrower than her hips.  The trick is balancing the look.  Try a swimsuit that draws the eyes away from the hips toward the shoulders or chest.  This swimsuit might have embellishment on the straps or shoulders. It might have a structured cup or a V-neck.  All of these features will draw the eyes away from the hips and toward the neck.

Another example would be the straight-figured woman.  She is commonly called a banana in body-shape-speak.  She might opt to choose a bikini or a swimsuit that accentuates what curve she does have.  A monokini with cut out sides will give the appearance of curves.  A bikini with triangle top and string bottom will also give the illusion of curves.

Need help choosing your next swimsuit?  We are dedicated to helping our customers!  Drop us a line or give us a call at 417-293-5081.  We will do our best to answer any questions that you may have.


Planning Your Summertime Fun...

Well, it's that time of year again.  It's the time of year when we have all had enough cold weather and long for some warmer temps and outdoor activities.  We dream of summer nights at the lake.  We open our swimwear drawer with longing.  Will those sweet times ever return?  Of course, they will.  They have all of our lives, but we still want the time to rush past so we can do our favorite things again.

One of the things we all can do to prepare for those great times is to start planning those summertime camping trips and vacations now.  Climb into the attic or delve into the garage storage boxes to find your tents, swim noodles, and folding chairs.  Open your swimsuit storage area and see if you need a new swimsuit or two and coverups for that summer fun.  

Another preparation can be to start asking friends and family if they are up for a trip this summer.  Going on vacation with friends and/or family can make it more interesting and more fun.  You get the opportunity to make more memories with the ones you love.

Think of the things you want to experience and prepare for them by buying the gadgets that could make them way cooler.  GoPro cameras are great for active folks.  Electronic readers are perfect for the beach lounger.  Snorkel gear and flippers are awesome if you like the water.  Dive sticks are fun for the kids and will keep them occupied for hours.

Whatever your dreams are for the summertime months, think ahead and prepare so you can make the best of the time you have.  You will actually be able to save more money if you don't plan at the last moment.  Look for clearance sales and coupons at your favorite stores and websites, like Lifestyles Direct Tan Through Swimwear.  We always have a clearance page and run discount coupons regularly.

See ya next time!