Tan Thru Your Swimsuit!

Tired of heavy, wet swimwear that leaves you as white as a sheet underneath?  We can remedy that problem right here at Lifestyles Direct

Sun thru tan through swimsuit.Our swimwear lets you tan thru the fabric so you get sun on your covered skin as well as your fully exposed parts.  In fact, we guarantee that our swimwear is tan through.  If you use our swimsuits properly, you can achieve an all-over tan without tan lines, which is something that otherwise can only be done by sunbathing nude.

The tiny pores in our tan through micromesh allow the air to flow to your skin, drying your swimsuit very quickly.  This is probably our customers' favorite feature of our tan through swimsuits.  Being dry and comfortable out of the water is important to our customers whose professions put them into the water daily and whose pastimes do the same.

Here at Lifestyles Direct, we strive to provide comfortable and durable swimwear to our valued customers.  If there are improvements that we can make, let us know.  We take all suggestions seriously with careful consideration.

Have fun in the sun!

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