Tanning Accessories!

Tanning accessories?  Besides your tan through swimsuit and tanning lotion, what else is there?  Well, we all tend to drag a ton of stuff to the beach or pool "just in case", right?  We have our electronics, coverups, sunglasses, books (more than one since we may decide we don't like the ONE we brought).  So, what do you take with you?

One thing that I can't do without when I'm lying outside in the sun is my pillow.  Comfort is king when it comes to getting a great tan.  I can lie still longer, which gives me better tanning coverage.  If I squirm, I can get some weird results!

Another essential is my phone.  And, no, it's not so I can chat with my BF.  I use it for the timer!  I usually stay out about an hour, so I set my timer so that I get equal time for all my parts.  It works great, unless my dog decides to steal it while my back is turned.  He actually attempted that once.  I was lying on my side with my back to my phone and suddenly I heard crunchy, slurping sounds behind me.  I turned to find the little stinker trying to steal my phone. 

I like to use those cheap blankets (the ones that look like Indian blankets) that you get from department stores to lie on when tanning.  They wash up easily and since they are cheap, you don't have to worry about harming them.  You also don't have to worry about making them ugly since they were born that way!

A good pair of sunglasses is also essential for me.  If I don't wear shades, my arms are uncomfortable since I have to constantly shade my eyes.  Comfort is important, so don't forget your shades!

Reading material is one of my favorite accessories.  I like a good book or magazine.  The last book I completed while tanning was Frankenstein.  I normally don't have much time to read, but getting a tan provides a great venue.  Read something that you normally wouldn't, like a classic.  It's kind of embarrassing not knowing the basic story in famous literary works.

So, grab your favorite tan through one piece swimwear or tan through two piece and head for your favorite tanning spot.  Get a great tan and don't forget to pack your favorite accessories!

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