Don't Forget Your Shades!

Don't Forget Your Shades!

This summer we will all head for an outing on the beach, at a river or lake, or to the community pool.  We remember our swimsuit, of course, the sunscreen, our favorite beach towel, and our cooler.  One thing we need to remember is our sunglasses.  There are a few reasons that they are important.

Your shades can prevent eye strain and headaches while in bright sunlight.  If you are more relaxed, you are less likely to develop a headache due to eye strain.  Don those shades and have a much better time in the sun!

According to medical professionals blocking UV rays to your eyes can prevent medical conditions of the eye like cataracts, clouding of your eyeballs' lenses, and skin cancer of the eyelids.  It isn't safe to apply sunscreen too close to your eyes, so grab those sunglasses!

You can actually see better if you are wearing a good quality polarized pair of sunglasses.  They cut the glare and let you open your eyes wider to see better.  Reflection on water and shiny objects is cut to a minimum, making seeing much easier.

There is a cosmetic reason that all of us ladies will appreciate--sunglasses can prevent squinting which in turn will prevent wrinkling around our eyes.  Models use this strategy all the time.  They cannot afford wrinkles; it's their livelihood to remain as flawless as possible.

On your next trip to your favorite getaway in the sun, don't forget your polarized shades!  Wearing your tan through swimwear is always important, but protecting your eyes is, too!

If you haven't chosen your swimwear for this season yet, let us help you at  We can fix you up with an awesome and stylish tan through bikini, one piece swimsuit, or men's racer or bike shorts.  Don't forget your tan through coverup!


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